My New Digs During the Locker Remodel

I am fortunate to work in an office building equipped with a locker room and showers. However, they are closed until September of this year for an accommodation remodel. What’s a lunch break runner to do? Luckily the office building across the street also has a locker room and showers AND an exercise room with equipment. Even better for me, I happen to work frequently with the lady in charge of assigning lockers.

I did have to pare down my locker essentials quit a bit though. I went from full size lockers in my building to half size lockers in the other building. It actually came a great time though. Let me explain…using dumbbells has been a part of my training regiment for a while. I started with 2 pounder, then moved up to 3 pounders. I received a 30-day arm challenge from a friend, and as I never back down from a challenge, I quickly accepted, but felt like I was ready for 5 pounders. Lo and behold, my hubby had asked for a weight set for Christmas and it was received, you know the somewhat fancy kind where you can screw on different weight plates. The smallest weight we could make them was 8 pounds with the bar, and I was able to complete the arm challenge with that. However, since we were sharing them and the hubs usually does his work out during the day when I normally would, I opted to do mine in the evenings to save the locker space, and to keep from toting them back and forth from home.

My new digs:



I am also having to change up my usual running paths. I don’t like having to cross many busy streets in Austin and my office building is flanked by two major ones. Therefore, I have now started running in a different direction and am becoming more comfortable with the various route options and hills. I came across this hidden pathway today, the infamous Shoal Creek.


I doesn’t look like much, but when it rains in Central Texas it pours and this thing becomes a small river.


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