My Lent Fast Recap

For Lent this year I chose clean eating, while giving up all breads and sugars, while fasting one day a week. I lost a total of 27lbs. and feel wonderful. My hubby got in on the gig about two weeks after the start of Lent and has done so well too. I didn’t stop at the end of Lent either, we are keeping it going, although I do allow myself to have some bread now. I tried going with a healthier option, whole wheat bread and pizza crusts, and switched the kiddies to it too for their sack lunches. However, I recently learned that wheat bread hinders your body’s ability to absorb iron. That’s not exactly the news I wanted to hear as I’m bouncing in and out of anemia.

Diet is not the only thing I changed up. I have now been through a 30 day ab challenge, 30 day arm challenge, 30 day squat challenge and am now in the middle of a 30 day yoga challenge and 30-day beach body challenge. The ab challenge helped me lose some serious poundage around my waist line and the squat challenge helped me slim down my thighs a bit. I’m a little disappointed in the arm challenge. While I feel stronger than when I started, I didn’t tone my arms or lose a lot of weight there. Although I’ll be the first to admit that my flabby arms have been the most troublesome spot I have so I know it will take a whole lot more to shape them up. The yoga challenge has been a nice break from lifting weights, but kind of boring and not very challenging. My favorite challenge so far has been the beach body challenge. Everyday is a different set of exercises rather than targeting a certain area. You can find loads of free “30-day” type challenges on Pinterest; follow my Work It Board to get you started.


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