Walking and Counting

When walking or running with kids (for some distance) I find it to be more pleasant if they have something to focus on. Last weekend Chatterbox and Hugs counted pumpkins and ghosts seen along our walk. Chatterbox gets really bored really fast on our walks longer than a mile. Counting helps him make it through the walk and keeps the mood light and fun. It also served as a great distraction when he realized he needed to go to the bathroom and we were two miles from the car.

What to do when there aren’t any Holiday decorations out? We have sang the alphabet song, counted to one hundred, practiced counting by 5’s and 10’s, counted dogs, and counted flags. Usually something will my catch my eye from someone’s yard and that’s what we wind up counting.

Our totals from last weekend:

Pumpkins – 74

Ghosts – 46


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