Write it Down!

A few years back I came across the Fitbook. A cute small notebook used to track twelve weeks worth of exercising and eating. I absolutely love it. Writing down our goals and keeping track of our progress helps make your goals real and achievable. You build motivation in too. Each week, when you meet your goal you earn the reward you chose for yourself. It’s a great idea…if I run every day this week and stay below 1800 calories per day I’ll reward myself with a new running outfit. Sounds great on paper but is a booger to our budget so I never worry about the rewards anymore. 95% of our meals are prepared at home so figuring out a calorie count each day can also be speculative.

Last year it came to the point where I needed more space to record my workouts and less of some other sections, so I created my slimmed-down version, full page size, that covers only six weeks at a time. If you can’t afford the Fitbook every twelve weeks, create a template that works for you and start recording what you do. Don’t let money stand in the way of meeting a goal.



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