Plank A Day Challenge Fail

A friend of mine started a 30-day plank a day challenge. It sounded fun so I participated. You gradually increase your hold time from 20 seconds to the final 5 minutes on day 30. Piece of cake!

Day 1 – awesome

Day 2 – feel the burn

Day 3 – oh crap

My running regimen has kept my chronic lower back pain at bay…that is until day three of the plank-a-day challenge. I slowed down the pace and stretched the whole challenge out to 60 days. I finally made it 2 minutes around day 20 and had to stop. It was just too painful and was ruining my runs.

This experience also tells me that clearly I still need to strengthen my lower back muscles, and to not rely on running alone. A great alternative I found is the Superman Stretch.

It works that same troublesome area of mine but is much more gentle.


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