CROP Hunger Walk

Earlier this year, I volunteered my way into a two-day training event related to my day job. While there I met another volunteer who noticed how good I was at organizing the tables and handling last minute issues. When I told her I like doing this kind of thing: setting up tables, stuffing packets, getting people to the right classrooms, etc, she said she had the job for me and would be in touch.

A few months later, I am now helping her and a team of volunteers organize the 2014 Austin CROP Hunger Walk. CROP stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. CROP hunger walks are community fundraising events sponsored by Church World Service, and international relief, development, and refugee resettlement agency. More information can be found at

It’s exciting to me to see everything that goes into organizing a race or walk and even more exciting to meet the people I met in the kick off meeting. Bill Renfro led the meeting and is the founding member of CROP walk. He also, with the help of Martha Loer founded the Capital Area Food Bank. Martha also designed the food banks logo. In a sea of Church of Christ and Lutheran church representatives I got to meet the new Assistant Field Director for the Lousiana and Texas region, Rev. Susan Lassalle, a disciple! She literally just got into town and is on the look out for a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to call her new church home. What a lovely lady to chat with.


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