North Run Photos

This is the final segment in my photography project. The North side of my office is unknown territory, so again I was worried I would not find five interesting things along the way. But as it turned out I did find a few…

2013-07-20 21.51.56 2013-07-20 21.50.52

Artwork on the side of a shop

2013-07-20 21.53.00

The other side of the Austin State Hospital Cemetery. An interesting fact about this place…see the handful of grave stones? It’s an odd illusion – the cemetery is nearly to capacity; the bulk of the grave stones are merely flat slabs of concrete impressed with the patient’s ID number that can not be seen from the road. The maintenance department has spent years researching patient records to tie names to each one.

2013-07-20 21.58.27 2013-07-20 22.01.25

Most of the North side was a subdivision but two homes had out of the ordinary vehicles parked on the street.


Some may call it a storm drain but I prefer to look at it as a creek bed.

2013-07-20 22.00.42

Day Spring Chapel

2013-07-25 11.21.00

I loved this statue outside the Fonda San Miguel restaurant.

From completing these runs outside my usual territory I’ve learned why I love my usual running routes so much – it’s shady. All the other routes were in broad sunlight and either flat or consisted of one giant hill. Still, I did enjoy the change in scenery.


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