South Run Photos

Part two of my running photo project comes from the South side of my office building.

candle cactus
Candle Cactus – I do not know the official name of this cactus, but it commonly known as “Candle” cactus. A former co-worker of mine would cut pieces off, let it dry completely out and then use it as a pedestal to display geodes. When it dries out it appears like a cylindrical wood lattice.

Hyde Park Baptist's bricked in rose window Hyde Park Baptist Church
Hyde Park Baptist Church and Rose Window – This massive church is hard to pass by with out ogling at it. The rose window is from their old chapel and sadly bricked up. Unfortunately most ecumenical insurance companies require that your glass windows be covered with plexiglass OR you have to use colored plexiglass as the material for your stained “glass” windows.

Avenue F sidewalk
Narnia – I found myself running up on a shady character in the neighborhood several months ago and decided to take a turn down a different street. Lo and behold I found Narnia – shaded the whole way to the point where I turn around and double-back.

gabled house
Home – Along Narnia’s pathway I came across one of the many well-manicured lawns and this wonderful house with character.

decorative iron gate
Artistic gate – Another street I decided to take on a whim came with this great iron gate.

private pond
Private pond – Also along Narnia’s pathway is a private pond on yet another well-manicured lawn. This property is also a certified natural habitat, right in the middle town!

Shipe Park


Shipe Park – I love Shipe Park the most. We would take Chatterbox here to play after my neonatal appointments with Hugs. It has two pools, swings, basketball, tennis, and a playscape. When I run by it I always wonder what Chatterbox and Hugs are up to.

Fork Sign outside Hyde Park Bar and Grill
Hyde Park Bar and Grill – For the South Run Photo finale I have the Hyde Park Bar and Grill’s giant fork sign. It’s murder to have to run passed this place, wonderful smells!


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