How I Choose a Running Shoe

A friend asked me recently how I choose running shoes. She is a first time runner and looking for a starting place regarding shoes. I took a very unconventional approach. In my pre-running days I always had a pair of sneakers to wear; I liked Adidas the most. Adidas had the colors and style I wanted and I knew that any size 8.5 pair would fit me fine. That is until I started running after Chatterbox was born. The pregnancy left my feet…different.

When I became serious about running, I tried the good ‘ole Adidas in my closet and my arches ached badly. I knew it was time to get serious about running shoes. I went out on a limb for this one. When I think about top of the line running shoes, I think about Puma, I think about the amazing African runners that could blow past me in a heartbeat. I checked out the Puma website and after choking on the cost of some of these puppies, decided to visit our local Puma outlet store. To my shock and amazement they didn’t sell running shoes in the store, only their “fashion” shoes. I did find an incredibly helpful saleswomen who knew her business about running and was able to tell me the Puma Complete series is what I needed for running on pavement like I do.

So I hit up Amazon and took a wonderful sigh of relieve at the prices. The first pair I bought were $40 and hot pink. I wasn’t crazy about the hot pink but they fit like a glove and had the support I needed for pounding on the pavement. A friend told me I was a true runner for buying what fits and not caring what color the shoes were. I search Amazon for “Puma Women’s Complete” and then sort by price (lowest to highest) and go with the first pair of 7.5 I find. The most I have ever paid for a pair has been $65. And note, the funky colored ones don’t seem to sell well; they are usually the cheapest of them all.

My latest pair:

Puma Shoes

I keep hearing buzz about the Mizuno brand, I may try them out later this year, but for now I’m sticking with what fits my feet.

My past arsenal of Puma Complete Series shoes is below. I use them for working in the yard when the tread and cushion are too worn out for running.

Old Puma Shoes


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